Add an Email to a Campaign

To add a postcard to a campaign, go to the campaign you're adding it to, and expand the Review and Configure Steps section. Then click Add Step.

Screenshot of Add Step button

Select email from the menu and click Add Step again.

Screenshot of choice of campaign step dropdown

Now you'll see email designs that you can choose from to add to your campaign. You can choose from the design library, or you can select Saved Designs to add a postcard you've already customized.

Screenshot of Saved Design search option

Click on the design thumbnail to select the image. Here you can either edit the email, or if you've already customized it, you can select Add to Campaign.

Screenshot of add to campaign button
Adding a step to a campaign will always put it at the end of the campaign. To move the steps around, either change the delivery schedule, or click and drag using the blue arrow on the left.

Repeat this process to add as many emails as you wish. When you’re finished, click Save & Continue.

Screenshot of save and continue button

Lastly, you'll have to reactivate your campaign. Simply check the "I have reviewed..." box, and click Activate Campaign.

Screenshot of activate campaign button

Helpful Tips:

  • If a saved design says “No Longer Accessible”, then that template has been retired and is no longer available for use.
  • If you want to add an email step, follow the same steps, just select Email as the step type.

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Add a Step to a Campaign

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