Creating a Blog Post for Your Website

Your website comes with a single active blog post to get you started. This post will not hurt or help your blogs rankings but rather it is here to help you get started with blogging.

Learn why you should be blogging.

Clients will find your blog on the navigation bar of your website under the tab labeled “Blog”.

To add a blog post to your website, go to Website and click on Edit Site.

Then select Blog Posts.

Or you can select Blog Posts under Website.

You can choose to start a new post from scratch or get a helping hand by editing an existing article available in your article library.

To get started, click on the “Add a New Post” button. 

Material you post to your blog should be new and unique content. The article library and other blogs should be used for generating ideas but they should never be used as unedited blog material. Plagiarizing content for your blog posts will not only damage your website’s SEO ranking but also the site that you took the information from.
Creating Your Title

Create a title for your post that shares your passion and creates interest and curiosity for your topic. As you add the title of your post, your system will automatically create a matching web address for this blog page.

Caution: In the future, any edit to the title will change the address and turn saved posts into dead links. 

Your system will automatically add a default image to your post, however you can change this at any time by clicking on the “Change Image” button. Stock images from the Marketing Center can be used at any time or upload your own.

Caution: Never use images if you do not have the rights to do so. Copyright infringement can severely damage your website and cost you $$$ in fines from the owners.

To write the content of your blog click into the editor box and start writing.

Once you have written your article choose a category to help your clients easily find articles that interest them and click Save to publish your new blog post. 

Congratulations your blog post is published. Now you just need to get it in front of friends, family, clients, and your community. Use the sharing links in your blog post menu to share via Facebook and/or create a web link so you can blast a group of your contacts with your post. 

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