Contacts Details for Team Account Members

Working your contacts has never been easier, with your newly transformed contact details. Simply click on a contact and the contact summary and details will slide in, where you can view contact timeline and details, property info, and quickly take action by adding them to a group or campaign.

Contact Engagement Panel

Here you can quickly see valuable contact details like when they last visited your site and what they’re looking for. You can also easily add them to a group or marketing, and manage reminders from here.

Activity Feed

See past and present details along with future reminders to stay up-to-date with each contact. You can filter by To Do's, all notes, team notes, emails, or all timeline actions. Any action taken by your or team members on the contact will show in the activity feed.


View, add or edit the contact’s details. You can add social profiles, a secondary contact (e.g. family or friend), or update contact info. For a cleaner look and feel, you’ll only see the fields you have data entered; to see all the fields click Edit.

Views & Favorites

Keep track of your contact’s properties here. You can see their viewed properties and favorite listings.

Alerts & Searches

View your contact's saved searches, listing alerts, and sent listings here.

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