Add Agent MLS ID

During your account setup process, one of the steps you had to complete was connecting your local MLS to your Market Leader system. Once this process is complete, you can then add your personal Agent MLS ID to your account. This allows your active MLS listings to be featured on your website and emails, as well as provide you with the ability to create custom, listing enabled marketing designs that you can send out to your contacts.

These are the steps to add your Agent MLS ID, to add your Office MLS ID, click here.

Add Your Agent MLS ID

To add your Agent MLS ID, start by clicking on the Account Drop-down Menu and selecting the My Account link from the menu.

Next, select MLS Setup, then click the Add Agent ID link next to the MLS you have approved. If you have more than one approved MLS, you'll need to add your Agent ID for each MLS.

Here, we recommend clicking the ID Lookup link and entering a MLS listing number to ensure the ID number is correct. This also enables the listings associated with your ID to appear immediately (there can be a delay when you enter your MLS ID directly).

Enter the MLS listing number in the space provided, and click the Look Up button.

Now you should see your name (or your office's name if you're looking up the office ID), simply click Add to add the MLS ID number to your system.

You can add up to two Agent ID’s per MLS.

If you don't know your Agent MLS ID, and you don't have any active listings in the MLS, check with your broker, or contact your MLS.

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