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Create a Marketing Guide

What is a Guide?

Your Marketing Center comes with pre-loaded home buying and selling guides that are designed to be professionally bound and printed, for you to bring on your appointments, showings, open houses.  Use these guides to provide your contacts with the valuable information that they’ll need in order to move forward on their buying or selling journey.

Create a Guide

To find available guide designs, select Marketing Center from the Marketing menu. Then click on Print Marketing.

Next, under the Type menu, make sure Print is selected, and then click to select Guides.

Here you'll see all of the Guide options available to you. To get started, click on the thumbnail for the guide you want to customize, then click the Personalize button.

You can also choose to download your guide as a PDF to print yourself (although it won't be bound). For this option, click the Download PDF button.

If the Download PDF button is greyed out, it means there are elements within the guide that must be customized.

Whether you're personalizing your guide, or downloading it as a PDF, it may take a moment to load since it's such a large file.

Tips for Personalizing a Guide

When personalizing a guide, there are some basic things to know that apply to both types of guides.

  • Pages can’t be added or removed from the guide.
  • Not all visible content is editable. The Design Editor will help you identify what content is editable.
  • Review every page of the guide. The guides do have pre-loaded content, but it’s important to review the content to make sure it suits your needs.
  • Some content within the guide can be filled out in person (e.g. at the listing appointment) if desired.

Both types of guides have some specific pages that you’ll need to update. To navigate through a guide while editing, you can select the page number from the drop-down to jump to specific pages in your guide, or use the arrows to go to the next or previous page.

Since not all content is editable, the editor will indicate whether there is customizable content on the page you're on.

To learn more about using the design editor to customize your guide, click here

Order Professional Printing

When you are ready to order a guide, you’ll be able to have it professional printed and sent directly to you. You’ll then be able to deliver it to your contact, giving you an opportunity to review the valuable information that you are providing to them.

To order a guide click the Add to Cart button on the design details page.

You will be reminded to Preview your piece before continuing.

This is a VERY important step to ensure all of your guide content is correct and there are no spelling or grammar errors.

You’ll be able to scroll through the pages of your guide in the Preview window by clicking the arrows on either side of the image, or by clicking on one of the navigation circles located just below the image.

After reviewing, click Approve & Continue to continue to the Shopping Cart.

Confirm the quantity and then click Checkout.

The paper and finishing options will automatically be selected for you.

On the Checkout page you’ll have an opportunity to confirm your billing and shipping address. If you need to edit either address, click the Edit link under the address. Then, just confirm the shipping method and then click Place Your Order.

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