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Add a Facebook Pixel

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You can add your Facebook pixel ID to your Market Leader system, so you can measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ads and improve targeting.

To get started, click on Website from your admin menu.

Then select Custom Analytics in the menu on the left. Here is where you can add your Facebook pixel ID. Once you've pasted the ID into the field, be sure to click Save.

You only need to add your pixel ID to your Market Leader website, not the actual pixel code.

Get Your Pixel ID

To get your Facebook pixel ID, click on Manage Ads from your Facebook menu.

Next, click on the hamburger menu (≡) in the top left, and then hover your mouse over the All Tools link. Then select Events Manager.

If you already have a pixel on other websites, then you'll just need to get that pixel ID. If you don't already have a pixel, you'll need to create one.

If you already have a pixel, we recommend using the same pixel for your Market Leader website to help grow your audience. The only exception would be if your other websites have a drastically different focus (e.g. commercial vs. residential).
Already Have a Pixel ID

Once you're in your Events Manager, you'll see your pixel ID displayed. Just copy that ID and paste it into your Market Leader system.

Don't Have a Pixel ID

Click the Get Started button in the Facebook Pixel section.

Now, you'll want to click the manual option (unless you have a webmaster that will be doing the work for you, in which case you'll select the email instructions option).

The easiest way to get the pixel ID, is to click the Email Instructions button (don't worry, you're not emailing anything, it's just the easiest way to get your pixel ID).

Now you'll see your pixel ID; this is the code you'll need to copy and paste into your Market Leader system.

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