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Add Office MLS ID

During your account setup process, one of the steps you had to complete was connecting your local MLS to your Market Leader system. Once your MLS is approved, you can then add your personal Agent MLS ID to your account as well as your Office MLS ID. You must have permission from the designated broker in your office in order to add your Office MLS ID.

When you add your Office MLS ID, any active listing associated with that ID will be displayed and rotate on the Featured Listings section of your website. You will also be able to create Listing Enabled marketing designs for any active office listing.

Add Your Office MLS ID

To add your Office MLS ID, start by selecting My Account from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu.

Next, select MLS Setup, then click the Add Office ID link

next to the MLS you have approved. If you have more than one approved MLS, you'll need to add an Office ID for each MLS.

Enter your Office MLS ID and click Save.

You can add up to five Office ID’s per approved MLS.

Office ID Lookup

If you don't know your Office MLS ID, click the ID Lookup link.

Here, enter one of your active MLS listing ID numbers, then click Look Up.

If you don't know your Office MLS ID, and you don't have any active listings in the MLS, check with your broker, or contact your MLS.

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Add Agent MLS ID

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