Manage Your Billing and Shipping Information

The Billing and Shipping feature is where you can manage:

  • Payment methods for your monthly subscription and prepaid campaign account
  • Shipping address(es) for print orders that you have mailed directly to you

To get started, select My Account from the Account Drop-down Menu.

On the next page, click Billing and Shipping. In the Payment Methods section you can add multiple payment methods and use separate ones for your monthly Market Leader subscription and prepaid campaign account.

To add a new payment method, click the Add Payment Method button and complete the form that opens. Then you can use the icons in the Actions column to:

  • Edit an existing payment method by clicking the edit icon
  • Use the card for your monthly Market Leader subscription by clicking the blue calendar icon
  • Use the card for your Prepaid Campaign account by clicking the blue bullhorn icon
  • Remove a card by clicking the delete icon
You cannot remove a card that is set as a default payment method. A print order cannot be placed without having a default payment method selected.

Under Shipping Address you can add a new address by clicking Add Shipping Address and completing the form that opens. You can then use the icons in the Actions column to:

  • Edit an existing address by clicking the edit icon
  • Mark the default shipping address by clicking the truck icon
  • Remove an address by clicking the delete icon

Billing for Print or Mixed-Media Campaigns

Some campaigns in your Marketing Center include print designs. In order to ensure the cost each print design in an active campaign is covered, the system will charge the default payment method on file in $25 increments. Once the $25 has been exhausted on print campaign designs, another $25 charge will occur. Since there may be no way to tell when a print campaign design will happen for a contact, this is how the system charges the card on file to apply to print campaigns.

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