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Add an Image to Your Website

You can add images to your website to add a more personal touch to your consumer site. These steps are for adding an image to a custom content widget; if you're using an image widget, click here.

Be sure you have the proper rights to use the image on your website, or you could be subject to copyright fines.

Adding an Image to Your Website

To add an image to your website, go to Website and click Edit Site.

Then, you will want to click Page next to the website page you are wanting to add the image to and then Edit Page.

Select the Add Image button.

From there, you can either select a previously uploaded image or stock image from your image library:

Or you can select the Upload Image tab and choose to upload a new photo from your computer.

If you'd like to hyperlink your image (e.g. to a video or website), click here to learn how.

If your image is too large or small, simply click on the image to select it, and you'll see tiny boxes in each corner of your image. Click and drag one of the four corners to resize your image up or down as needed.

You are not able to copy/paste image onto your website. If you want your image to appear as intended, make sure to follow the steps above.

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