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Add an Image to Your Website

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You can add images to your website to add a more personal touch to your consumer site. These steps are for adding an image to a custom content widget; if you're using an image widget, click here.

In order to add images to your custom content widget, you must host your image online, then you can either copy and paste the image into your website, or add the image using its unique URL.

Once you have your image hosted, there are two ways to add the image to your website:

  • Copy and paste the image
  • Add it using the image URL
However you decide to add an image, be sure you have the proper rights to use the image on your website, or you could be subject to copyright fines.

Hosting the Image Online

In order to add an image, you must host the image online (rather than a folder on your computer). Be sure to use an image hosting service that allows you to use the hosted images for business/commercial use - we recommend using Facebook.

Google photos no longer support hosting images for your website, so if you have images on your website that are hosted in Google photos, you'll need to re-host them on Facebook and update the image URL's in your website editor.
How to host an image on Facebook

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