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Opening and Discovery Scripts


Your opening is your chance to introduce yourself and make a good first impression! In your opening, be sure to identify where you got their info, keep it brief, and lead into discovery. These openings work for any communication method - email, text, or phone!

Cold Call

Hi, this is [name] at [brokerage]. I’m calling because my company has buyers looking for a home in your neighborhood. Are you thinking of selling in the near future?

New Online Lead

Hi, this is [name] at [brokerage]. My marketing team sent over your information because you had inquired about the property at [address]. I’d love to help. What questions do you have on this home?

New Website Lead

Hi, this is [name] at [brokerage]. Recently you signed up on my website, [URL] and have been looking at homes in [area]. How is your home search going?

New Seller Lead

Hi, this is [name] at [brokerage]. You recently requested a home valuation on, and I wanted to let you know I’m preparing your valuation. What were you hoping to find with this value? Were you hoping for a specific price?

Lead Already Has an Agent

Hi, this is [name] at [brokerage]. Recently you signed up on my website [URL], and have been looking at homes in [area]. You indicated you’re currently working with another agent, and I know that I work hard for my clients so if your agent is also working hard for you then that’s great! You should stick with that person. How long have you been working with your agent?

Older Buyer Lead

Hi, this is [name] at [brokerage]. I’ve tried reaching out a few times regarding your recent property search on my website, [URL] but we haven’t been able to connect. How is your home search going?

Older Seller Lead

Hi, this is [name] at [brokerage]. You requested the value of your home a while back, and a few homes just sold in your area. It’s likely changed the value of your home, can I send you an updated estimate of its value?


Hi, this is [name] at [brokerage]. I’m reaching out because I saw you’re selling your home at 123 4th Ave S. I’m calling because I am working with a few different buyers who are looking at homes in your area. I’m hoping I can come by and take a look at your property. Is working with a buyer’s agent something you’d be interested in? When would be a good time for us to set up an appointment?

Expired Listing

Hi, this is [name] at [brokerage]. I work with a lot of buyers in your area, so I’m always looking for homes listed in your neighborhood. I noticed you recently took your home off the market. It looks like a great house! Out of curiosity, why did you take it off the market?

Open House

Hi, I'm [name] at [brokerage]. Did you have a chance to look at this property online?

Discovery Questions

Discovery questions are an integral part of the sales process, and the goal here is to get them talking. Your discovery questions should be open-ended, and as specific as possible. And remember, sometimes even "bad" answers are good!

New Lead

--How can I help you in your search?

--What areas are you looking in? Price point? Bedrooms/bathrooms?

--What special features are you looking for? Fireplace? Big backyard?

--Are you looking for homes in a specific school district?

--Where are you at in your home buying journey? Timeframe?


--Is the property available for showings?

--Are you open to working with a buyer’s agent?

--How did you decide on the sale price?

--Why are you selling it yourself? Did you consider using an agent?

--What would need to happen for you to consider listing with an agent?

--What is your timeline before interviewing prospective agents to list?

Expired Listing

--Any ideas as to why it didn’t sell?

--How much buyer interest was there? How many offers did you receive?

--How did you find your previous agent? What did you think of them?

--Would you considering relisting your home?

--What kind of marketing did your previous agent do?

Cold Call

--Are you the homeowner?

--How long have you lived in your home?

--Would you consider selling if you had a buyer lined up?

--Do you know anyone looking to move into your community?

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