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Using the Image Manager

What is the Image Manager?

The Image Manager is your own, personal image library that is tied to your Marketing Center.  When you add your own images to your marketing designs, such as listing photos or frequently used stock images, you can save them in your Image Manager for quick and easy access to personalize existing or future designs.

Why should I use the Image Manager?

Saving your marketing images to your Image Manager saves you time by keeping your photos and marketing images in your Marketing Center for quick and easy use.

Access Your Image Manager

To locate your manager, Marketing Center from the Marketing menu. Then click on My Images.

Add an Image

To add an image to your Image Manager, click the Upload Image button.

From here, you can click the Select Files button to browse and select image files on your computer, or you can drag and drop your files into the box.

You can only upload supported file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff, .gif, .bmp

Your image will be uploaded into the default category, My Images.  You can change the category if you like by typing the name of your desired category in the Category field (you'll see a 'new' next to the category name if it doesn't already exist).

Once you have selected or created the category you want, click Upload.

There is a 100 character limit per category name, and there is no limit on the number of categories you can have.

Now that your image has been uploaded, when you personalize a design in your Marketing Center, you can easily insert the uploaded image into a design that you are personalizing.

Learn more about using the Marketing Design Editor.

Create Categories for Your Images

When you add photos to your Image Manager, they can be uploaded into Categories, which you can also sort by.  This makes organizing and finding your images quick and easy.

There are three system default categories in your Image Manager:

  • My Images:  This is the default for new uploaded images.
  • Cropped Images:  This is the default for images created by cropping an image in the Editor. 
  • Uncategorized:  This is for images uploaded without a category

You can also create categories when you upload a photo to your Image Manager, such as ‘listing photos’, ‘QR Codes’, ‘Marketing Images’.

Sorting Your Images

All of the images in your Image Manager can be sorted by the column headers:

  • Name
  • Category
  • Size
  • Uploaded Date

For example, to sort your list of images by Name, simply click on that column header to sort by Name (if it is sorted from Z to A, simply click the column header again so they will display from A to Z). You can also filter by the image file name to locate a specific image.

Delete an image

To delete an image from your Image Manager, simply click the Delete link for the image you wish to remove.

Once an image is deleted, it can't be recoved. Make sure you don't need the image or you have it saved before deleting.

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