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Contact Search

Your Market Leader system has a variety of contact search and filter options, so you can find just the right contacts, and send just the right message.

Have you created groups for your contacts? Click here to learn how

Contact Search Bar

At the top of each page of your system, you can use the Contact Search Bar to quickly and easily search for contacts by name, email, or phone number. When you begin typing in this bar, a drop-down menu will appear with suggestions.

All Contacts Search

To do a more advanced contact search, hover over the Contacts tab, and select All Contacts. Here, you will see all of the contacts in your database, and you can sort and filter to find just the contacts you're looking for. You can sort your contacts by name, last activity, budget, status, and more. Use the double arrows button  to reverse the order of your sort.

Contact Search Filters

To filter your contacts, click the Filters button. Here, you can search by name, email, groups, contact type, status, phone number, campaigns, and more.

  • Phone & Mailing Address Exists: Now you can easily filter on contacts that have a phone number and/or mailing address. This is especially helpful when making a call list, printing labels, or creating a group for a mailer.
  • Email Address Status: Use this filter to identify which contacts have subscribed to – but are no longer on – an active campaign or listing alert, and then quickly add them to a new campaign or automated listing alert. You can also target users who have unsubscribed from alerts or campaigns and use it as an opportunity to reach out. If you notice a spike in unsubscribes, it may be time to evaluate your marketing content.
  • Referral Info: Quickly identify top referral sources in your database, simple search allows you to type a portion of the referral info.
  • Groups: Find contacts in a specific group, or not in any group at all. Remember, when you add a contact to a group, that contact will start any campaigns associated with the group.
  • Open Follow-up Requests: Use this filter to identify your hot leads requiring you to follow up (e.g. requesting a CMA or requesting information on a property).
  • Type: Search for buyers, sellers, leads, past clients, etc.
  • Marketing Filters: Filter based on which contacts have saved a listing search (with no alert) or are on campaigns or groups. This makes it easy to identify who you need to add to an active campaign or update a listing alert.
  • Dates: Ready to make a call list based on contacts that haven’t been to your website in 6 months? Or add your old or cold leads to a campaign? Identify who you should engage with based on:
    • Contact Created – when the contact was created or entered in your system
    • Last Contact – when you last reached out and noted the record
    • Contact Last Active – when the contact last engaged with you or your website

Once you apply filters and search, you will see the filters applied. The system will retain your search filters, so if you leave the contact search section of your system, the filters will still be applied when you return to your contacts dashboard. To clear the filters, click the Clear Filters link.

Once you have your filtered list of contacts, you can make bulk updates, such as adding them to a group or a campaign. Learn how

Saved Contact Searches

You have the option to save frequently used contact searches. Simply run a search, click the Save Search button, and name your contact search. Once saved, your search will appear in the My Searches menu.

My Searches

You have two default searches to quickly identify contacts who need follow-up:

  • Recently Active: Contacts that have engaged with you or your website within the last 7 days Learn more about Recently Active
  • Follow-up Needed: Contacts that have requested a follow-up (e.g. a new lead, requested a CMA, or requested information on a property)
  • Any saved contact searches will appear in this menu as well

Follow-up Needed

The red bell button indicates a contact that has a follow-up due. For example, they requested info about a property, or requested a CMA on the sell page of your website. You can "clear" the follow-up by sending an email, or adding a note to the contact's history - both of which can be done right from your All Contacts dashboard!

If a contact has a follow-up due (red bell) AND a reminder due (blue bell), the red bell will supersede the reminder. Once you clear the follow-up, the reminder count will show.

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