Create a Custom Property

A custom property allows you to spotlight a listing that isn’t on the MLS such as a pocket listing, an FSBO, or a a property you sold recently. Once created, you can share this property via a standalone mini-website (Single Property Website), have it featured on your email marketing, or create marketing materials for this property.

Custom properties are a great option if you don't have any listings, or if your MLS doesn't support sold data.

To get started, hover over the Listings tab and select Market My Listings.

Next, click the Add a Custom Property button.

You will see three sections to complete. The fields with an asterisk are required. All other fields are optional, but the more information you provide the better. When you’re finished making changes, click Save.

Once you save your custom property, you will be able to add photos. Simply click the Add Image button to start uploading the listing photos. You do not need to click Save again - photos will automatically be saved to your custom property.

Now you can showcase this property in the footer of your emails, create marketing collateral, feature this property on your home page, or create a single property website. For sold listings, you can quickly create Just Sold collateral to or feature the property on your About page.

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