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Address Insights

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Address Insights for New Leads

When you get a new lead from Leads Direct, HouseValues, Network Boost, or your website, Market Leader will retrieve extra property data for that lead, if it’s available.  

We can retrieve 2 types of data: 

  • An address associated with that lead 
  • Insights associated with the address we retrieved (or in the case of HouseValues, the address they provided) 

Insights may include:  

  • Last listing price 
  • Last listing date 
  • Last sold price 
  • Last sold date 
  • State of mortgage 
  • Available equity 
  • Length of residency
This data is provided by Accurate Append and SmartZip and is not available for all addresses. 
If you delete the address provided, it is permanently deleted. 

We retrieve this data when the new lead is delivered. If data is available for that lead, it will appear on the Contact Details Page in two places: 

  • in the Address Insights Widget 
  • in the Details tab 

Address Insights Widget

If your contact provided an address or Market Leader has sourced one for you, this address will display in the Address Insights widget. If your contact has two addresses, the most recently added one will display in this widget. If no address was found, this widget will not appear at all.  

When data is available for the contact’s address, up to 4 icons will display in the Address Insights Widget. If no insight data is found, no icons will appear in the widget.




Time in Residence

Time since the property last sold. 

Available Equity

Low Equity = availability equity is <20% of property valuation 


Medium Equity = available equity is ≥20% and <50% of property valuation 


High Equity = available equity is ≥50% of property valuation 

State of Mortgage

Note of Default: Recent default on loan 


Under Water: The loan value is great then the purchase price 


Free & Clear: The loan value is equal to the purchase price 

Address Insights in Details Tab

On the Details tab, you can find more detailed information about the property address, like specific dates and prices.

If the address was retrieved by Market Leader, you will see a “ML Sourced” badge next to it. Addresses provided by the lead or inputted by you will not have this badge.  

How to use this information

The way you use this information will be unique to how you like to establish a relationship and nurture your leads. Agents use this information in a lot of different ways including: 

  • Quick access to address info: Quickly/easily reference the address info when following up with your lead.
  • Understand the lead: See if they local or out of state, get insight on purchasing power/motivation, get insight on what type of home they might want, or when they may be looking to sell.
  • Start a conversation: Curate your questions based on what you know about their current home - location, features, nearby amenities, etc. What might the lead be looking for? What are their priorities?
  • Suggest Relevant Listings: Research the address and send comparable listings. Fine-tune their listing alert based on their current home's features.
  • Nurture as a seller lead: If they own the property, position yourself to be their future listing agent. Send CMAs and helpful information about selling (try the Long Term Seller campaign). Share your insights and expertise about their area.
  • Nurture as a buyer lead: If they rent the current property, position yourself to be their future buyer's agent. Send helpful information about buying (try the Long Term Buyer or Rent vs. Buy campaigns). Share your insights and expertise about their area.
  • Send direct mail: Send marketing postcards/snail mail to their address. Add them to a direct-mail campaign (try Seller Gorilla Marketing). Put them on campaign that is most relevant to them and their situation.
  • Prioritization: On average, a property is more likely to transact the longer it’s been owned and the more equity an owner has. 


Where does this data come from?

This data is provided by Accurate Append and SmartZip.

Why don’t all my new leads have these insights? 

Not all leads have an address or address insights because it was not provided by the lead at time of registration, or Market Leader was not able to identify an address associated with the information that the lead provided. 

Can I get these insights on all my contacts? 

Currently, we only retrieve Address Insights for new leads from the following sources: Leads Direct, HouseValues, Network Boost, and your website.  

How up to date is this data? 

Addresses are retrieved once (at the time of lead delivery), but insights are refreshed on a monthly basis. 

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