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  • Working with Website Leads Thursday, September 29 9:00 AM-10:00 AM
  • Working with Seller Leads Thursday, September 29 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

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Check out Real Estate Stream, a new micro podcast produced by Market Leader. Take 5-10 minutes out of your workweek to learn strategies that will help you grow your business. In each episode, we concisely cover a different relevant topic and provide insight into how to see more success as a real estate professional.

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  #15 – The Journey of a Seller Lead

Learn how to effectively capture, respond to, and engage seller leads by first understanding their journey. Customer Success Trainer Alyson Engelbrecht covers the different phases of the seller lead journey and what you can do during each phase to ultimately win more listings.

  #14 – How to Generate Leads With Facebook… For Free!

Learn how to get leads from Facebook to your real estate website and ultimately into your contact management system. Customer Success Trainer Ashley Hefner covers tips and tricks for generating leads with Facebook without using your marketing budget.

  #13 – How to Make a Great First Impression with New Online Leads

Learn how to earn the trust and eventual business of new online leads by making the right first impression. Customer Success Trainer Jenn Tervo offers practical tips for improving your initial lead follow up.

  #12 – MLS, IDX, & Listings: How Does It All Work?

Learn about the world of MLS from Jeff Poland, MLS Database Engineer. He explains the purpose of MLSs, a brief history, how you can get listings to your website, and why an MLS connection is so important for your real estate website.

  #11 – How to Write Listing Descriptions That Sell

Learn tips to write more engaging listing descriptions from Ashley Hefner, Customer Success Trainer. She talks about the importance of remembering your audience, leveraging your local market, what features to mention, and what to avoid.

  #10 – How to Select a Vanity Domain for a Real Estate Website

Learn about Vanity Domain Names from Jake Claxton, Customer Care Specialist. He explains the difference between a vanity domain and a subdomain, 3 reasons not to change your current domain, and the key components to selecting a great domain name that you can stick with.

  #9 – Website Content Best Practices for SEO

This week, Marketing Manager Andy Fulton is back to talk more about search engine optimization (SEO). In this episode, he shares his top 6 best practices for creating content on your website.

  #8 – Lead Generation: An Overview of Paid Lead Types and Services

Every good real estate professional understands the importance of having a steady influx of leads. Sales Manager Sheldon Rapoza gives an overview of paid lead generation options, discussing the pros, cons, and differences of indirect and direct leads.

  #7 – Why Online Real Estate Leads Do Not Leave Phone Numbers

Learn from National Account Manager Jana Monares why online real estate leads may not leave a phone number and how to convert these leads without one.

  #6 – Get to Know Google Analytics, Part 2: Advanced Features

Market Leader trainer Ashley Hefner continues her discussion on Google Analytics in this episode. Learn about three more tools that can help you analyze your traffic, drive better engagement, and make improvements to your website.

  #5 – Get to Know Google Analytics: A Basic Overview

Learn to analyze and understand your website traffic in this introduction to Google Analytics. Market Leader trainer Ashley Hefner covers terminology, reporting, and how to leverage analytics data to make website improvements.

  #4 – Search Engine Ranking Factors, Part 2: Off-Page Ranking Factors

Learn about off-page search engine ranking factors from Market Leader marketing manager Andy Fulton. This episode discusses how search engines use social media and links to determine your websites’ rankings.

  #3 – Understanding & Engaging Today’s Online Real Estate Consumer

Learn the motivations and mindset of today’s online real estate consumer from Market Leader trainer Jenn Tervo. Craft effective strategies to better engage seemingly unresponsive leads.

  #2 – Search Engine Ranking Factors: Why Your Website Ranks Where It Does

Listen to marketing manager Andy Fulton continue his discussion on search engine optimization. This week, he describes the five most crucial on-page factors that affect your search engine rankings.

  #1 – SEO 101: How Search Engines Work & How to Make Them Happy

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? How do search engines work? Why is SEO important? How are web pages and websites ranked in search engines? Marketing manager Andy Fulton answers all of these questions in this episode.