Lead Engagement

Turning Leads into Gold

A master class in lead follow up from one of our top customers, Dan Perreira. See first-hand how he was able to help his wife and her team close $13 million in volume (over 43 transactions) last year…


Network Boost: Grow Your Network With Social Media Lead Generation

Learn more about Network Boost, our newest lead product that will help you generate 40+ leads every month from social media advertising. In this webinar you'll learn: -How leads are created with Netw…


Working with Online Leads

Learn about the nature today's online consumer, and how understanding their online behavior can help you maximize your engagement, as well as common misconceptions about online leads that can steer y…


We're Getting Engaged!

Have you received online leads and wondered how to best engage with them? Wonder no more! We’ll go through top engagement strategies for online leads in your system. Click here to download the slides.


When Seller Meets Buyer

When Seller meets Buyer - Interested in engaging your seller leads better…this is the session for you! Click here to download slides.


Buy Baby Buy

Buy baby buy - The tide is turning to be more beneficial for buyers after a tumultuous two years in the market. We'll show you how to woo potential buyers! Click here to download slides.


We've Got a Script for That

We all get tongue tied! Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! In this session, we’ll cover proven scripts from top agents that garner a response. From working new leads to connecting with your sphere,…


Master Your New Lead Follow-up

Take your lead follow-up to the next level! Get actionable tips, discover the best scripts, and learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your Market Leader system.

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