This is Tracey's follow-up process from the webinar, "Agent Spotlight: Building a Million Dollar Pipeline with Tracey Todd," as well as his go-to scripts and subject lines, which are designed to generate a response and keep him top of mind.

Day 1

  • New lead comes in
  • Send introductory email

Seller Introductory Email

Day 3

  • Check their engagement
  • Send a quick CMA

You can send a quick CMA from your Pro system, and include active comps, as well as similar listings that have sold. Learn how

Day 6

  • Check their engagement
  • Setup a listing alert
  • Send them an email explaining why

You can setup a listing alert for active comps, or you can choose pending & under contract properties to give your seller an idea of the activity in the market. Learn more about listing alerts

Listing Alert Email

Day 7

  • Check their engagement
  • Add to "First Campaign" OR
  • Add to Seller group

When you add a contact to a group, they will automatically be added to any campaigns associated with that group. So if you add them to a Buyer group, just make sure that group is associated with the campaign. Learn more about groups & campaigns

After 6 Weeks

  • Check their engagement
  • Move contact to ‘Retry’ status
  • Add to “Re-Engage Campaign”

After Another 6 Weeks

  • Check their engagement
  • Move contact to ‘Cold’ status
  • Add to “Annual Leads Campaign" which includes the "Life Alert Email"

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