These are scripts for engaging with seller leads, as well as with links to drive them back to your website. Today’s online seller is far different than buyer leads, and when it comes to sellers, most of your effort typically occurs before you earn their business, which is why effective engagement is paramount.

Automated Welcome Email Template

(warning) The automated welcome email will ONLY be sent to contacts that register on your website. If you get seller leads from other sources (e.g. HouseValues, Zillow, Listings-to-Leads) they will not receive the welcome email - you'll have to manually send it to them after your initial response.

Initial Response - Option 1

Initial Response - Option 2

Initial Phone Call

(info) To get this URL, you'll have to save a search (as a consumer on your website), then run that search. That will generate a specific URL for these properties.

Market Insider or Community Page

Listing Alert for Secondary Contact

 They Aren't the Legal Property Owner

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