Here is a compilation of our favorite email templates from years of coaching agents to success. Click here to learn how to add these as Quick Text templates you can store in your system.

Short and sweet welcome email

If their search criteria is all over the map

Subject: Let me know if I can help

Immediate follow-up to Welcome Email

Subject: Thank you, come again

Asking for phone number

Subject: Checking in...

Pre-Welcome Email for leads from other sources (send before Welcome Email)

Subject: Thank you for finding me on <source>

Unsure whether they are a buyer or a seller

Subject: What are your goals?

Your lead unsubscribed from emails (you can send this as a one-off email)

Subject: Did I miss the mark?

Touching Base

Subject: How are you doing?

Your Lead was recently on your website

Subject: Touching base...

If a Lead Hasn’t Been Back to Your Website

Subject: I've missed you