It takes a variety of skillsets to be a successful agent, being able to overcome objections is high on that list. Some objections can be verbal, while others can be via action - or inaction. Here are our tips and scripts for handling common buyer and seller objections.

No response

No phone number

 They aren’t the registered owner of the home they inquired about

They’re just looking to refinance

They were just curious of the value

"I'm just looking"

“No thanks, I don’t need any help right now”

“I'm not ready to work with an agent yet”

"Please don't call me anymore"

"I want to talk to some other agents"

"I already have an agent"

"I already have a friend/family member who is an agent"

“The listing I liked is no longer on the market”

“I’m going to just keep searching on Zillow”

“I don’t remember registering, I’m not interested”

“I got my Zestimate, so I’m good”

“I want to wait for the market to improve”

“Other agents will cut their commission”

“I could sell it myself and avoid paying the commission”

“Your valuation is wrong”

“Another agent can sell it for more”

“We can always come down in price later”

“I won’t sell for less than XX”

“Your price is much lower than other agents I’ve spoken with”