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An Email Signature is a block of text that is automatically appended to the bottom of an email message.  Any emails sent from your Market Leader system (except emails sent from your Marketing Center) will automatically include your Email Signature at the bottom.  An email signature should include your name, your company and how to get in touch with you. 

How to Set up / Edit your Email Signature

From the Account Menu in the upper right corner, select Email Settings. You’ll notice that we’ve provided an Email Signature for you, based on your profile information; you can choose to keep this format or edit it.

Edit your Email Signature by typing text in the space provided. Get creative by using the editing toolbar where you can add bold, italics or underline to your text. The editing toolbar also gives you the ability to change the text font, font size, include links, and more!

Click Save to apply the changes you've made. 

(info) In order to avoid double spacing in your signature, hold Shift and click Enter to create single spacing between the lines.

Adding a Hyperlink to Your Signature

While some email providers automatically convert a website URL into a hyperlink, some do not. To ensure your website is hyperlinked, you can create hyperlinks in your signature.

First, highlight the text you’d like to make a link, then click the “link” icon in the editing toolbar.

Enter the URL in the space provided. This URL is where someone will land when they click the hyperlink (likely your website URL).

(info) The Title is the text that will display when someone hovers over your link .

Select the Target for your link; we recommend selecting New Window, so when the link is clicked, it will open in a new browser window. If you select None, then the link will open in the current window.

Hyperlinking an Email Address

If you'd like to hyperlink your email address, follow the same steps above, but add mailto: before your email address.

Images in Your Email Signature

Adding an image to your email signature is the same process of adding an image to your website. Just remember, you'll need to have a unique URL for your image in order to add it to your signature. Learn how to add an image

We recommend that you do not add images to your Email Signature (e.g. your profile photo), as the system does not automatically format these images, and there are several system-generated emails that will automatically include your profile photo:

    • Welcome Email
    • Listing Alerts
    • Market Insider Newsletter
    • CMA

(info) Adding a profile photo in your email signature will result in these emails displaying your photo twice, which may not appear very professional.

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