These are the email scripts from the Power Hour webinar, "Turn Leads into Listings." In this class, we shared strategies, best practices, and scripts to understand your seller leads’ motivation, provide the most relevant content, and establish yourself as the expert they’re looking for.

Scripts for New Seller Leads

These scripts are for engaging with new leads. These will also work great for any seller lead source, just remember to change the reference to wherever they submitted the request. Also, be sure to personalize these so your personality, service, and tone can shine through.

Day 1 Email (Short)

Day 1 Email (3rd Party Lead)

Day 1 Email (Long)

 Day 5 Email (Market Insider)

Day 5 Email (Checking-In)

Scripts for Re-Engaging Seller Leads

These scripts are for re-engaging seller leads in your Market Leader system.

Seller Re-Engagement

Seller Re-Engagement

*For the above email, deliberately forget to add the attachment (but make sure you have one to send in case they respond and ask for it!)

Seller Re-Engagement

Buyer OR Seller Re-Engagement

*For the above email, pull the report from your MLS and include it in the email

Contact Already Has an Agent

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