Seller leads are quite different from buyer leads, and when it comes to sellers, most of your effort typically occurs before you earn their business. These are email scripts for the first 10 days, designed to help you get the conversation going and convert more sellers into appointments.

(info) When copying and pasting these emails into your system, be sure to paste them into Notepad first, otherwise the formatting can cause unexpected results.

New Seller Lead Follow-Up

New Seller Lead Follow-Up (option 2)

Day 2 - Send CMA

(info) Rather than sending this as a Quick Text, simply add this as the default text for your CMA. Simply go to my account > email settings > templates and update the CMA email content. For direct mail, include 2 business cards.

Day 4 - Add a Listing Alert

Day 6 - CMA Follow-Up

Day 8 - Send Comps that Match Their Home

(info) On Day 10, add them to a drip campaign to stay top of mind.

Seller Re-Engagement - 30 Days

Seller Re-Engagement - 60 Days

Seller Re-Engagement - Updated Value

Seller Re-Engagement - Updated Value

10-Day Plan Resources