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When a contact clicks the unsubscribe link in a marketing email or listing alert, they're taken to their email account settings on the consumer website. Here, they have two unsubscribe options:

  • Saved Searches Email Update: Listing alert emails
  • Real Estate Information & Newsletters: Marketing/campaign emails, or Market Insider Newsletter.

If a contact unsubscribes from a campaign, they will not be removed from the campaign. Similarly, if they unsubscribe from listing alerts, the alert will not be deleted - both will simply be undeliverable.

(info) If they enter any comments into the feedback field, it will appear as a contact note

Many times when a contact unsubscribes, it's because it was either not the right content, or the content was too frequent. We recommend sending them a normal system email to ask why they unsubscribed. Below is an effective email template for contacts that unsubscribe.

If they Unsubscribed

(info) Contacts can only unsubscribe from marketing/campaign emails or listing alerts, so even if they unsubscribe, you are still able to send them a normal email from your system.

How to Resubscribe a Contact

In order for a contact to resubscribe, they must go back to their account settings on the consumer website, and click the subscribe button (you cannot do this for them, they must do it themselves). Below is an email template, along with instructions to get the correct link for them to resubscribe.

Opt-in Email (with instructions for them to re-subscribe)

(info) This link will be your Market Leader website URL, with /mytools/#email-settings after the .com part. For example, if your website URL is www.MyWebsite.com, then you would make the link www.MyWebsite.com/mytools/#email-settings. If the consumer is not logged into your website, it will ask them for their login and password here, so you may want to let them know to look for that email - just in case.

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