This is Tracey's follow-up process from the webinar, "Agent Spotlight: Building a Million Dollar Pipeline with Tracey Todd," as well as his go-to scripts and subject lines, which are designed to generate a response and keep him top of mind.

Day 1

  • New lead comes in
  • Automated welcome email
  • ICW email goes out

The ICW (Initial Contact Wizard) is an automated email that goes out after 12 hours when a contact stays in the 'New' status. If you don't want the ICW email to go out, simply change the status to anything other than 'New'. Learn more about the ICW

Day 3

  • Check their engagement
  • Send “Ready or Not Ready” email
  • Review listing alert

Your system will automatically add a listing alert after 24 hours based on the contact's viewing history on your website. Be sure to go in and review the listing alert criteria to ensure it's relevant. Learn more about listing alerts

Ready or Not Ready

Day 6

  • Check their engagement
  • Send “hand-picked listings" email
  • Wait 24 hours

Hand-Picked Listings

(info) When sending listings, these can be listings they haven't seen, OR listings they've viewed but with additional context. Try to make these listings more personal by including information they can't get online (e.g. why you're sending it, why they'll love it, etc.)

Day 7

  • Check their engagement
  • Add to "First Campaign" OR
  • Add to Buyer group

When you add a contact to a group, they will automatically be added to any campaigns associated with that group. So if you add them to a Buyer group, just make sure that group is associated with the campaign. Learn more about groups & campaigns

After 6 Weeks

  • Check their engagement
  • Move contact to ‘Retry’ status
  • Add to “Re-Engage Campaign”

After Another 6 Weeks

  • Check their engagement
  • Move contact to ‘Cold’ status
  • Add to “Annual Leads Campaign" which includes the "Life Alert Email"

Life Alert Email

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