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Summer temperatures are heating up and this exclusive summer school session is no different! Join our Million Dollar Pipeline Program Summer Series to generate more leads and master your Market Leader system to convert those leads into lifelong clients. From conversion scripts to increasing traffic on your website, we’re delivering the highest impact strategies to drive success.

Class Schedule:
Wednesdays, August 11-26 | 10 a.m. - noon PT (1 p.m. - 3 p.m. ET) 

  Class 1 – Getting Your System to Work for You | Aug 11

Master the Market Leader features that will catapult you to the next level! During this session, we will go over key system functions that every agent should be using to maximize their sphere, work more leads, and get more business.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Use filters to create targeted lists to work your sphere the right way
  • Leverage email quick text to save time and respond quickly
  • Automate marketing campaigns to stay top-of-mind, whether they’ve done business with you or not!
  Class 2 – We’ve Got a Script for That! | Aug 11

We all get tongue tied! Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! In this session, we’ll cover proven scripts from top agents that garner a response. From working new leads to connecting with your sphere, we’ve got just the right script!

Join us for top scripts and strategies to:

  • Temp check (and warm up) your coldest leads
  • Overcome objections, we’ve seen them all!
  • Get new leads to respond
  Class 3 – Rocking Your Market Leader Website | Aug 18

Your Market Leader website can be so much more than just a place for your listings. We’ll show you how to spice up your website with personalized, custom content to make your website THE spot to find everything there is to know about you and showcase your local expertise.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Add videos to your page to create engaging, fun visual content
  • Show off your real estate chops by utilizing the blogging features
  • Create widgets to make your site uniquely yours
  Class 4 – That Website Isn’t Going to Generate Traffic on Its Own! | Aug 18

Field of Dreams does not apply here. If you build it, you have to DRIVE people to it, so they know how to get there! We’ll cover the tried-and-true ways of increasing traffic to your website.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Drive traffic from social media
  • Use your website to showcase your knowledge and expertise…and then market it like crazy!
  • Re-gift! Leverage your existing content like videos, presentations, and blog posts to drive traffic to your website
  Class 5 – Creating Engaging and Creative Social Media Content | Aug 25

If you have ever struggled with creating content for social media, this is the session for you! We’ll show you how to utilize your expertise and your Market Leader system to create engaging content for social media and how to engage with your social media sphere!

Join us to master social media marketing:

  • Scared of designing? We’ll show you a hack straight from the Market Leader system to get your properties on your feed today!
  • Learn how to get comfortable using video on your social platforms
  • Master which content to post on which platforms to get the best engagement
  Class 6 – Expert Panel: Your Questions Answered! | Aug 25

This session is all about you! Collected from your questions over the summer school session, our panel of experts, opinionators, and go-getters will attempt to solve the mysteries of the universe…or maybe just of the real estate industry! Get your burning questions answered and come to hear top questions from your peers.

Register Today! https://success.marketleader.com/MDPP_Summer_Series_Learn

Overcoming the Discount Broker Objection

Learn how to handle the discount broker objection to win more business.

The Secret to a Better Opening

Learn one simple adjustment for a more effective opening.

Teach Old Leads new Tricks

Leverage the Cold Buyer & Seller campaigns to engage cold leads.

Survey Says!

Hear how 5 agents are growing their business right now.

Consumers and Technology

How to set yourself apart in a competitive landscape.

Market Leader Mobile App

Make "on-the-go" part of your engagement strategy.

Video Marketing Made Easy

Take your engagement to the next level with video.

Emotional Intelligence

Build better relationships with EQ.

Leverage Direct Mail

Send just the right message with snail mail.