Don't Scare Your Leads Away

Send the Right Message to Your Leads to Match Their Home-Buying Stage

A lead might be ready to buy now, and just looking for an agent to show him the house and help him sign the paperwork. Those leads are great, but they are few and far between, and if you are only going after those leads, you are missing out on the majority of opportunities. Most homebuyers that are ready to sign a contract are already working with an agent. So, how do you become the agent your leads turn to when they are ready to transact?

On average, a homebuyer starts thinking about purchasing a home almost two years before buying. Learn more about the homebuyer’s journey at: marketleader.com/journey.

Don’t treat your leads as if they have to buy now or get lost. Use email to your advantage. Email marketing is a great way to send the right message and stay in touch with your leads, and email marketing software accomplishes this with little time and effort.

Let’s look at the home-buying stages and what to send leads to fit their frame of mind.

These people are not ready to talk to an agent, since they are just thinking about buying or selling. They will probably tell you, “I’m just looking.” Don’t rush them or you will scare them away. The best way to convert these leads into clients is to let them know you are available for questions and can be an asset in their search. Give them information about the home-buying process and the current market. If you position yourself as a resource, these leads will be more likely to work with you when they are ready to buy. If you don’t, they will find another agent to help them.

Email these leads to:

  • Introduce and position yourself as a resource for their questions.
  • Let them know whether this is a good time to buy.
  • Provide general home-buying tips and information.

Example Email Template: Buyer Welcome Email

Subject: Hi (first name)


The homebuyers in the online research phase are similar to those in the consideration phase, but more active in their home research. They are looking more actively at home listings. These leads often say they are a few months out from making a decision. This is the stage when most homebuyers will first speak to an agent, but don’t rush the meeting. They probably don’t think they need an agent just yet, since they are still researching. Reach out to these leads via email, and use your website as a resource with listings and home-buying information. This is your chance to prove your value to these homebuyers so that they choose you as an agent when they are ready.

Email these leads about:

  • Their home search criteria.
  • Listings that meet their search criteria.
  • Home affordability calculators.
  • Tips on purchasing a home.
  • Neighborhood and school information.
  • Local real estate market conditions.

Example Email Template: Buyer Follow-up, Ask for Listing Information

Subject: Following up


People in active search mode are ready to choose an agent and start touring houses. Most people choose an agent on the first day of starting their active search, so the homebuyers you are working with in active search are people you have already communicated with in the consideration and online research phases. People in active search expect their agents to respond quickly and be available to help them tour homes. You should be reaching out to them via phone and email, and responding to their requests as soon as possible. Ideally, they will choose you and give you referrals for being a great agent.

Email these leads about:

  • Search criteria.
  • Feedback on listings.
  • New listings that meet their search criteria.
  • Information about the neighborhoods they are considering:
    • School rankings.
    • Area parks.
    • Local businesses, such as recommended local restaurants.

Example Email Template: Listing Feedback Email

Subject: Checking-In


The transaction stage extends from the offer to closing. Keep in constant communication about what you are doing, and address concerns that your buyer may have. They are so close to completing the transaction - here is your time to shine for the buyer and leave a great impression as they close.

Email them about:

  • Setting up and details for the inspection or final walk-through.
  • Once escrow is open, keep the homebuyers apprised of the progress, what step comes next, and how they should prepare for it.
  • Closing – touch base with your clients to see if they have any questions about closing, and ask about their progress getting packed up for the move.

Address any concerns.

Post-sale is your chance to stay in touch with your clients. In a study by Hebert Research and Market Leader, eighty-four percent of recent homebuyers said they will use their agent again, but much fewer actually use the same agent. If you are not staying in touch periodically with your past clients, they are not going to automatically think of you when it is time to sell and buy a new home, or when their friend needs an agent. Maintaining a relationship and staying in touch with your past clients is a great way to get repeat business and more referrals.

Email these leads to:

  • Find out how they are settling in to their new house.
  • Ask for feedback and referrals.
  • Set them up in your CRM on a drip campaign to stay in touch with:
    • Birthday cards.
    • Tips for homeowners (landscaping, decorating, DIY projects, etc.).
    • Neighborhood information (new local restaurants or upcoming events).
    • Changes to market conditions and their home’s value (especially when their home prices have risen).

Example Email Template: Market Evaluation for Past Clients

Subject: An Updated Market Evaluation?