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Market Leader Customer Service Policy

What can I expect when I get in touch with Customer Service?

There are typically four phases in the process to resolution for a Customer Service request:



Initial Response

A Customer Service Specialist (CSS) will review your issue and, if the issue is received via email, will confirm receipt of the issue.

Analysis / Problem Determination

A CSS will analyze and confirm that they can replicate the issue. This phase may require you to provide additional information and/or test scenarios. The CSS will determine if the issue is a bug and escalate to our product team for scheduling into an upcoming product release. The CSS may also be able to provide a reasonable workaround.

Close / Resolution

A CSS will close the issue in our internal ticketing system when (a) you have indicated that the problem is resolved and/or (b) a reported software bug has been repaired by the engineering team.


Will Market Leader Fix Any Bugs That I Report?

While every effort is made to ensure that our software is defect free, bugs do arise. Our Product and Engineering teams triage bugs daily and prioritize repairs. Our triage process informs how quickly the bug is repaired. To give you some insight into how we think about bugs and their resolution priority, we use the following framework. Bugs are prioritized and repaired according to their priority and impact.


Customer Impact


A critical incident with very high impact; no acceptable workaround or alternative solution available.


A major incident with significant impact; no acceptable workaround or alternative solution is available.


A minor incident with low impact; an acceptable workaround or alternative solution is available to resolve the restriction or limitation and allow reasonable use of the production environment.


Usage is not impacted; an acceptable workaround or alternative solution is either available or not required.


I Have an Idea for How Market Leader Software Can Work Better for Me. Do You Want My Ideas?

Yes! Every quarter you will receive an email asking you for feedback on your experience with Market Leader. In this survey, please use the comments section to share your ideas. Our Product team reviews all of these comments and relies on your requests to inform what is built. Also be sure to keep a lookout for emails or in-product surveys on specific topics that ask for your feedback.


Do You Have Scheduled Site Downtime When I Won’t be Able to Access My CRM or Website?

On occasion we have scheduled maintenance windows when you might expect downtime. When there is scheduled downtime, you will see an in-product notification letting you know of the schedule. We work hard to ensure that the scheduled downtime is infrequent and limited in duration.

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