Download the Market Leader Mobile App

The Market Leader mobile app allows you to manage your day-to-day communication with clients, no matter where you are. The app allows you to respond to new leads, work your contacts, and stay top of mind. To get started, download the app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) by searching "Market Leader." ()

Connect the App

To secure the connection between the app and your Market Leader system you'll need your Market Leader email address and a "PIN" available in the My Account area of your system Admin.

Next, click Mobile in the menu on the left. Then click the Create PIN button. This PIN will sync your Market Leader system with the app.

This PIN will only last for 3 min before it will expire, but don't worry, if you run out of time you can just create another one. Your Market Leader email address will also display here (you'll need both your PIN and email address to connect your app).

Simply enter your CRM email address and PIN into the app. After a few seconds, you'll be all set. Now you'll see a quick series of setup screens so you can learn everything the app can do for you.

Enable Push Notifications

It's super important that you allow push notifications in the app; this is the only way the app can notify you of a new lead, email, or contact activity. When you get the push notification pop-up, click OK.

(info) For more details check out our mobile support page here:


Log into your CRM and go to My Account >> Settings. Under Profile Details find your CRM Email and use this email as your email login for your mobile app.

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Log into your CRM and go to My Account >> Mobile. Click the button to create your unique PIN. For security purposes, this PIN will only be valid for three minutes.

If you are locked out, log into your CRM, confirm your CRM email address and create a new PIN. Use your CRM email and PIN to log into the mobile app.

You can reactivate your device by logging into your CRM and creating a new PIN. Use your CRM email address and your newly generated PIN to log into the app.




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