Activity Alerts notify you of lead activity, such as when you receive an email or a new lead registers on your website; as well as provides you with a daily summary of contacts who visited your website the previous day.

To manage your Activity Alerts, select My Account from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu.

On the next page, click Activity Alerts in the left column.

Once you're here, you have a few options. You can now choose whether you want a text notification, email notification, and/or push notification on mobile for the following items:

  • New Contact
  • Contact is on my Website
  • Contact Updated Information
  • New Message from Contact
  • New Message from Non-contact
  • New Testimonial from my Website

First, you'll need to add your contact information. You can add up to three contact methods, in any combination.  

For a text alert, enter a cell phone number in the space provided (no dashes or spaces), and select the cell carrier from the drop down menu.

For an email alert, enter your email address in the field provided. DO NOT use your Market Leader email address. 

If you would like to add an additional phone number or email address, simply click the plus icon () icon. You can have up to three alert types.

Now you can configure you alerts and choose how you would like to be notified for
New Contacts, Contact Updated Information, and New Messages from Contacts, New Messages from a Non-Contact, and New testimonial from your website. To select your contact method for each, simply check the text box, email box, and/or push notifications for mobile.

You can also adjust your settings for Daily Alerts, which is a daily email summary of contacts who have visited your website the day before, and reminders that are due the day of the email.

Click here to learn more about the Daily Alert Email

You are automatically signed up to receive the Daily Alert email. To unsubscribe, click the check box to clear it. To change the email address the summary is sent to click the blue Settings link and update your external email address.



 Text or email notifications of new or current contact activity on your website.

You’ll receive an Activity Alert when a new lead:

  • Registers on your website
  • Is added to your database via a third-party lead source

Or when a contact:

  • Requests more information on a specific listing
  • Requests to visit a home
  • Sends you an email
  • Is transferred to you by another agent
  • Comments are updated by your lender (if applicable)

 Three, in a combination of text or email.