Listing Enabled Designs automatically pull photos and listing information from the MLS, so you can create polished, professional property marketing in a matter of minutes. You can create listing enabled designs for active MLS listings, and for your sold listings (as long as your MLS supports sold data).

On this page you'll learn how to:

Watch a short video to learn how to create a listing enabled design

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Choose a Listing Enabled Design

The listing enabled designs pull listings based on the Agent and Office MLS ID's in your account settings. You can create listing enabled marketing for your listings, your office's listings, sold listings (where applicable), or for custom properties you've added.

(info) Learn how to add your Agent MLS ID or Office MLS ID to your account.

To get started, select Marketing Center under the Marketing menu.

From here, you'll need to decide whether you want to create a print design, or an email design (a print design cannot be emailed, and vice versa). For print, select Print Marketing in the menu on the left; for an email design, select Email & Video Marketing.

In the Search Options section, mark the check box next to Listing Enabled Only. The list will be filtered to show only listing enabled designs. For print, you'll also need to de-select the design types you don't want (e.g. for postcards, de-select everything except that type).

(info) If your MLS supports sold data, you can create listing enabled designs for your sold listings too! You can change the header on any Just Listed design, so there's a variety of Just Sold options in your Marketing Center.

From here, you can browse designs to find the one you want to customize.

Create a Listing Enabled Design

When you find a design you want to work with, click the image for that design to get started. Here is where you can add a listing to integrate onto your design. Simply start typing the listing address or listing ID into the space provided, then select your listing from the list.

Once your listing is added, click the Personalize button to start customizing your design.

This will take you into the editor where you can edit your design. Since all of the listing photos and details come from the MLS, you won't have to make many changes. Just look over the text and make any necessary edits, or you can also replace some of the listing photos with other MLS photos.

Replacing Listing Photos

When editing your design, any photos will automatically pull from the MLS photos. If you want to change one (like if one of the photos is a bathroom), simply click on the photo you wish to change, then click the Replace icon.

One the right, you'll see a photo library slide in. To choose another MLS photo for your design, click MLS Images in the right menu.

From here, you can browse the listing photos; to replace the original image, simply click on the new image you wish to use. You'll now see the updated image on your design. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with all of the listing images.

Learn how to edit and personalize a marketing design.

When you're finished updating your listing enabled design, click Save and name your new design. It's that easy!

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Additional Resources:

Each design is optimized for print or email.

  • Email only designs are optimized to be emailed. These designs can only be emailed.
  • Print only designs are Flyers, Greeting Cards, Guides, and Postcards. These designs can only be printed.

To print and email your design, you will have to create it twice; once as a flyer and once as an email.

No, any custom marketing designs must be created within the system to be able to send it from your Market Leader system.

If you selected an email optimized design, then you will be able to email it to your contacts.

If you selected an email optimized design, then you will be able to share it on social media.

There is a minimum order quantity of 25.

Allow approximately 5-7 business days for a print order to arrive, when shipping via FedEx Ground. Mailing pieces sent directly to recipients are sent First Class or Standard Mail via the US Postal Service. Delivery in Canada varies.



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