In your Marketing Center you’ll find several pre-built campaigns to choose from. Or you can create a totally customized campaign, using new or saved marketing designs to make a campaign that is unique to you.

Learn how to:

  1. Order Professional Printing
  2. Print a Marketing Design Yourself

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Each design is optimized for print or email.

  • Email only designs are optimized to be emailed. These designs can only be emailed.
  • Print only designs are Flyers, Greeting Cards, Guides, and Postcards. These designs can only be printed.

To print and email your design, you will have to create it twice; once as a print design and once as an email.

 Print designs can only be printed. To find an email optimized design, filter your Design Library to show only email designs.

 There is a minimum order quantity of 25, except for guides which have a quantity of 1.

Only flyers or postcards can be printed from your desktop.

You can order printing of your flyer, greeting card, guide, and postcard designs.

You can send postcards and greeting cards via direct mail.

Flyers and guides can only be sent directly to you.

Only postcards can have pre-printed address sent via the “mail to me” option.

Allow approximately 5-7 business days for a print order to arrive, when shipping via FedEx Ground. Mailing pieces sent directly to recipients are sent First Class or Standard Mail via the US Postal Service. Delivery in Canada varies.


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