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What is email scheduling?

Scheduling an email allows you to compose an email now and schedule it to go out within the next 45 days. This is a great tool for when you know you have an upcoming event, such as an open house, a holiday or birthday greeting, or quick announcement. You can prepare your messaging while it is fresh in your mind, add your contacts, and schedule the email to go out just prior to the event.

How do I schedule an email?

First, you will need to compose your message. You can find the Compose Email form by going to the Email & Reminders tab and selecting Compose Email from the drop down menu.

After composing your message, you’ll want to add your contacts and a subject line.

Now, click in the Deliver field, under the Send Now button. A calendar will open. The current date will be in yellow.

Click the date that you would like to have your email sent on. The Deliver field will change to the date you selected and the Send Now button will change to Schedule.

Once you have confirmed the date is correct, click the Schedule button. You will be redirected to the Scheduled Emails page where you will see a confirmation that your email has been scheduled.

How do I view my scheduled emails?

To view all of your scheduled emails, you’ll want to return to the Scheduled Email page. To get there, hover over the Email & Reminders tab and select Scheduled Email from the drop down menu.

How do I make changes to a scheduled email?

To make changes to the email, click the Edit icon () in the Actions column, or select any of the blue links (outlined in red below) and you will be taken to the Compose Email page where you will finish making your changes.

To delete a scheduled email, click the Delete icon () in the Actions column.  When prompted, confirm that you want to delete the email.

Helpful Tips:

  • We recommend scheduling your email 2-3 days in advance for time sensitive material.

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