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You have the ability to keep the default website template or change it to one of the several different options provided.  Watch the below video to learn how to customize the theme for your Market Leader Website to create a professional look and feel that compliments your brand and areas you serve.

Edit your consumer facing website theme

To edit or change your website theme, follow the below steps:

1)     Click Website under the Admin tab and then select Consumer Site Theme.

2)     To preview a theme, click on the magnifying glass icon 

3)     Select the theme of your choice by clicking the Activate button below the image. 

4)     A display window will populate informing you there may be a slight downgrade in your website performance during this time and that these changes will take effect immediately.  To move forward with this action, click Activate

5)     Confirm your website theme by opening a new tab or browser window and visit your consumer facing website. 

6)     Ensure your Agency Logo and Banner images work with your new website theme.  If you’d like to make changes to these images, you can do so in the Site Images section of the Website tab. 

The system highlights the thumbnail of the current theme and displays it with an   button.  The Active button does not trigger any action.  It is for simply for display only. 

Depending on your product type, you might see one or more of the following themes:

  • Basic
  • Classic – Blue
  • Classic – Red
  • Classic – Silver
  • Modern – Black
  • Modern – Blue/Gray
  • Modern – Brown
  • Modern – Burgundy
  • Modern - Olive

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