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Reminders Clean-Up FAQ

Beginning September 21, 2021, we’re changing the clean-up logic of certain reminder types so that outdated and unhelpful tasks no longer clutter your reminder list. 

What is the current clean-up logic for reminders?

We currently remove the following on your behalf:

  • Incomplete reminders with due dates more than 6 months ago
  • Completed reminders with due dates more than 12 months ago
  • Reminders that you have deleted
  • Reminders for deleted contacts or contacts with status of "trash"

What are we changing

Our analysis of reminders has shown that there are two types of reminders that, once past due, are ignored by our users and simply clutter a reminder list. They are: incomplete reminders from pre-built campaigns and incomplete reminders to edit a newsletter. Note that neither of these reminders are created by you - we will not be removing any reminders that you have authored or edited! So here’s what’s changing:

  • Incomplete reminders from campaigns that you or your team have not edited or authored will be deleted when they are 30 days past their due date
    • An example of this is a generic reminder from a campaign tat says "Call Prospect" that is overdue by 30 days. You didn't create this reminder; it came with the campaign
  • Incomplete reminders to edit a newsletter will be deleted after the newsletter is sent.  

Why are We Making these Changes?

Previously, these unhelpful reminders would have lingered in your reminders list until they were overdue by 6 months, potentially burying your important lead-follow-up remindersWe want to help highlight and prioritize your most important tasks. In fact, we’re making some exciting changes this fall to further that goal! Clearing out old reminders now will ensure you have the best experience then.   

What are We NOT Touching on September 21st?

  • Completed reminders 
  • Incomplete reminders
    • Authored by you or your team
    • Authored by you or your team that come from a campaign
    • That were part of a pre-built campaign, that you made edits to
    • That are overdue by 29 days or less
  • Incomplete automated reminders, including but not limited to:
    • New Lead Registered
    • Website Visit
    • Saved Search
    • Message from Contact
    • Prospect Requests Info
    • Campaign Completed

All of these reminder types will continue to follow the current clean-up logic: Incomplete reminders will be removed 6 months after their due date. Completed reminders will be removed 12 months after their due date.   

What Action Should You Take?

If you’re like most of your peers and are happy to have unhelpful, overdue reminders removed, then you don’t need to do anything! Your reminder list will get decluttered on September 21st and will continue to auto-clean from that point on. 

If you want to keep some or all of your at-risk reminders, We recommend you log into your Market Leader system and go to the Reminders tab to begin clean-up


Set Type Filter to select “Task", "Phone Call, and "Meeting”, filter the Date Range from February 21 to August 21, 2021, and the Complete Filter status to “Incomplete.

You will see all your reminders that will be 30 days+ overdue on September 21, 2021 (remember not all of these will be removed, only the ones that were not created/edited by you). There you can review all your reminders, change the due dates, mark as complete, or delete as you see fit.

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