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What is Email Quick Text?

Email Quick Text are pre-built message templates that you can create in advance, so you’ll be able to respond to your contacts more quickly and efficiently.  If you find that you are writing the same thing to your clients over and over, instead of rewriting an email, or copying and pasting from one email to another, you can save that information as a quick text to insert it directly into your email compose form. 

To access the Email Quick Text, select Email Settings from your Admin menu. Then click Email Quick Text on the list on the left. Here you can create new Quick Text templates, or edit existing ones.

Creating a New Email Quick Text

To create a new template, click the Create New button.

Give your template a title. This title will not appear in the message. To make your templates appear at the top of your list, simply add a few spaces before the title.

Enter and edit your text using the formatting toolbar to make sure it looks the way you want it to, then click Save.

(lightbulb) Pro Tip: When creating quick text, save your template with contact mail merge variables so they include a personalized salutation. Learn more

Edit Saved Email Quick Text

To view, edit, or remove a saved template, select a template from the drop down menu.

Now you can edit and format the existing text. You can also delete the template here as well, just click the Delete button. Once you have made your changes, click Save.

How to use an Email Quick Text

When composing a new email, simply expand the drop down for Email Quick Text and you'll see a list of your saved templates. Then click the template you'd like to use.

The text will be inserted into the email; you may have to clean up some extra spaces or formatting.

Now you just need to add recipients and a subject, and then click the Send Now button.

Additional Helpful Tips

  • There is a 2,000 character limit per Email Quick Text.
  • There is a 20,000 character limit per email

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