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Website Theme

You can choose from several different themes for your Market Leader website. Each theme is responsive for any screen size, so you can dazzle consumers on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can choose the theme that best represents your business and online brand.

When selecting your theme, you'll have three main site theme components you can customize:

Website Theme

To change the theme of your Market Leader website, select Website from the Admin menu.

You will land on your Theme page. The layout that is displayed is what you are currently using (your current layout will also say Active next to the layout title). To browse the other layout options, click on the Blue Arrows to the left and right of the displayed layout. Details about each template are displayed on the right side of the page. 

You can preview the different themes using the 'View Your Website' link, and when you've decided on your theme, click Save.

If you change your Theme, don't forget to update your Site Images since there are different image size requirements for each theme. Click here to learn how to update your Site Images.

Accent Color

You can select accent color for your website, and this will be the color for buttons and highlights on your website. You can select an existing color by simply clicking the button beneath the color.

Or you can choose a custom color by clicking the button beneath the paint brush icon. Then enter the custom Hex value into the space provided, and you'll see the preview of your custom color. If you only have the RGB color value, click here to convert it to Hex.

(info) If you're choosing your own custom color, be sure to stick with a darker hue so white text will show correctly on buttons.

Header Font

You can choose a header font for the buttons and menu headers on your website. Click the menu to see the font options, and when you select a font you'll see a preview of your font in the grey box. When you've selected your website accent color and header font, click Save.

(warning) We highly recommend you stay on-brand when customizing your colors and fonts to create a consistent feel for your clients and consumers.

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