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How do I add an image to my email?

When you are composing an email or creating an email quick-text, you have an HTML editor tool bar that allows you to easily insert images into your email text. 

Here are the steps to insert an image into your email:

  1. Upload your image to a 3rd party website (ie. Google’s Picasa, Photobucket, etc.)
  2. Right click on your image in the 3rd party website and select Copy image URL.

  3. Compose your email.  Then place your cursor where you’d like your Image to be placed and select the Image icon.

  4. An Insert/edit image display box will appear. Paste the URL that you’ve copied into the Source field.

  5. Enter an Image description.

  6. Edit the Dimensions of the image, if necessary.
  7. Click OK.  You should now see your new image. 

What if my image displays too large/small in my email?

The fastest way to resize your image for a professional look in your email is:

  1. Click on your image to select it.  You’ll see small boxes around perimeter of the image. 
  2. Click and drag one of the 4 corners of the image and resize up or down as needed.  

    NOTE:  As a best practice, we recommend always selecting a corner to drag so your image doesn’t get skewed too wide or too tall. 

Should I add an Image to my Email Signature?

We recommend you do not include images in your Email Signature.  Your system automatically adds your profile picture to all of your Welcome Emails and Listing Alerts.  If you choose to add a photo to your default Email Signature you could very well have duplicate images in those emails. 

NOTE:  To ensure you have a professional profile photo set up in your Market Leader Account, follow this path:  Admin / My Account / Settings / Images / Website Image.

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