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By default, the Contacts view provides a basic contact search form that enables you to find contacts by name, phone number, email and status. The form includes a More Search Options toggle that enables you to search on additional contact fields such as contact type, groups, comments, and history.

To search, use one of the following options.

  • To Use Basic Search
    1. In the contact search form, enter or select a value for one or more of the following.
      • Name or partial name in the text input box.
      • Phone Number
      • Email
      • Status
    2. Click Search.
  • To Use More Search Options
    1. In the contact search form, click More Search Options
      The form expands to include additional search criteria inputs.
    2. Enter or select values to refine the search.
    3. Click Search.
  • To clear all search criteria, click Reset Search.

When you submit search criteria, the system returns a list of contacts with names matching the specified values.