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Reminders To Dos (formerly known as To Do's) are a great way to stay on track, and ensure nothing falls off your radar. You can create reminders To Do's for yourself, and your system will also create reminders To Do's for you, then you can work these reminders To Do's and mark them as complete as you go through them. There are two types of reminders in your system, regular reminders and follow-up requests.

Reminders (Image Removed)

The blue bells indicate regular reminders, which includes any reminders you've created for yourself, as well as any system generated reminders. To clear a reminder, simply click on the blue bell and then snooze it or mark it as complete.

a variety of To Do's in the system, each clearly labeled in the Event column.

To Dos

To Do's are populated front and center on your Home Dashboard, filtered by due date, so you can prioritize your day. Click on a contact's name to se all To Do's for that contact. Visit the To Do tab to edit multiple To Do's at once.

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To Do's are now listed on the left side of the screen when viewing contact details, so you can quickly toggle through your list. You can see you entire to do list, as well as the multiple to do's that may exist in each contact.

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Mark as Complete:
When you mark check the box in the To Do task, you are marking it as complete, it will be stored in the reminder Activity Feed section of your system in the Contact record, as well as in the Bulk Action area in case you ever need to review it.

When you snooze a reminderTo Do, it will snooze it for 24 hours so you can re-visit it the next day.

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(info) The number next to the blue bell indicates how many reminders there are for that specific contact. For multiple reminders, they will appear oldest to newest when you click the blue bell.

Follow-up Requests (Image Removed)

Follow-up requests are essentially reminders Edit: If you need to edit any details about the task, including the due date and time, you can do that here.

Delete: Removes task from contact history.

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Hand Raises

Hand raises are essentially To Do's that a contact has created for you. In other words, the only way for a red bell Hand Raise to appear is when a contact takes specific actions on your website (e.g. became new lead, emails you requested a CMA, or requested more information on a property). To see The Hand raise notification will alerrt you to what action created the follow-up request, simply click on the red bellcreate the task.

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There are a few ways to clear a follow-up requestHand Raise: Send an email, add a note to the contact's history, or send a CMA (these are the only ways to clear the follow-up request).

(info) If a contact has a follow-up due (red bell) AND a reminder due (blue bell), the red bell will supersede the reminderHand raise AND other To Do's, the Had raise will supersede the To Do. Once you clear the follow-up, the reminder To Do count will show.

Create a


To Do

To create a reminder To Do for yourself, just click the Add link in the Due Now column for your contact.

Next, select the type of reminder To Do - task, phone call, or meeting - due date, time (optional), and notes with the reminder To Do details. When you're done, click Save.

(info) The types of reminders To Do's are really just labels, and don't change the functionality of the reminderTo Do.

System Generated


To do's

There are a variety of reminders to do's your system will create for you, and these reminders to do's will appear just like any reminder To Do you create for yourself, but it's important to know what these reminders To Do's mean.

  • Website Activity (a contact setup a listing alert, saved a property, or subscribed to Market Insider)
  • Campaign Reminders (reminders To Do's (to do's within campaigns prompting a more personal touch)
  • End of Campaign (notifies you when a campaign ends for specific contacts on a given day)
  • MLS Status Changes (notifies you when your MLS application status changes)

To Do Actions

You can search and filter all of your reminders To do's by clicking the Reminders To Do's icon in the top menu and selecting Bulk Actions.

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Here, you can filter reminders To Do's by type, due date range, and completion.

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(info) Note: Reminder To Do filters will stay applied, so always check your filters when searching for remindersTo Do's.

You can edit a reminder by clicking the Edit icon (Image Removed), mark a reminder as completed by clicking the Complete icon (Image Removed), or delete a reminder by clicking Delete icon (Image Removed). You can also delete multiple reminders multiple To Do's at once. Simply check the box next to the reminders To Do's you wish to delete, and then click the Delete button. This may be particularly helpful if you have a back-log of reminders To Do's that need to be cleaned up.

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