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Before deleting a recommendation, keep in mind that recommendations are used by visitors to your website to determine if you are the best agent for them. If you do come across a recommendation that you feel like should be removed, such as one with inappropriate language, we do provide you with the option to delete a recommendation. We recommend using this option sparingly.

To delete a recommendation, select Website Admin from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu.

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On the next page, click Recommendations from the links on the left side of the page. You’ll be able to read each review, see who left the review and when, as well as what their relationship to you is. To delete a recommendation click the delete icon (Image RemovedYou can add client testimonials from other sources like Zillow or Google to your Market Leader website. But consumers can also post testimonials on your website by clicking the Recommend Me button on your About page.

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If you come across a testimonial that you'd like to remove, (e.g. one with inappropriate language or terrible spelling/grammar), you have the ability to delete it. First, click Edit Site from the Website menu and click on Testimonials. Then click the Delete icon (Image Added) in the Actions column.

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(info) Once you delete a testimonial, there's no going back.

Additional Resources:

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See how to remove a recommendation.