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The About page on your website comes with default text entered for you. Personalizing this information is a key strategy in letting visitors to your site learn about why you are the agent they should choose. This is where you can highlight your experience, any awards or certifications you have, or anything else you think would turn a lead into a client.

To get started, select My Account from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu.

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Scroll down and click the Edit button.

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In the Profile Details section you can:

  • Change your name as it appears on your website
  • Update your login information
  • Add your title, designations, and/or license number
  • Change your external email address
  • Manage your phone numbers

The fields with an asterisk are required. All other fields are optional. Click Save after you complete your changes.

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Next, select Website Admin from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu.

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On the left side of the page, select Pages. Then use the drop-down menu to select About. Here, you can edit the Page Content that appears on your About page.

Image Removedallows consumers learn more about you and your business, how to connect with you, and most importantly, why they should work with you. In addition to adding a personal bio, you'll also want to make sure you've updated your profile settings.Learn how

To customize the bio on your about page, select Website from the Account menu.

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Select Pages in the left-side menu, and then select About in the pages drop-down menu.

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Now you can enter your content in the space provided and use the toolbar to format it; you can add text, images, or video. You can also enter an SEO Title and Meta Description. Click here to learn Titles and Descriptions best practices. 

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When you are finished, just click Save

at the bottom of the page


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Personalize your website About page to tell clients why they should choose you.