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Page: Objection Handling Scripts
It takes a variety of skillsets to be a successful agent, being able to overcome objections is high on that list. Some objections can be verbal, while others can be via action - or inaction. Here are …
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Page: Opening and Discovery Scripts
Opening Your opening is your chance to introduce yourself and make a good first impression! In your opening, be sure to identify where you got their info, keep it brief, and lead into discovery. These…
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Page: Our Best Email Templates
  Here is a compilation of our favorite email templates from years of coaching agents to success. Click here to learn how to add these as Quick Text templates you can store in your system. Short and s…
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Page: Re-Engagement Scripts
These are scripts to re-engage leads that have gone cold, fallen off your radar, or unsubscribed. When it comes to re-engagement, try to research your leads before reaching out. If you can, identify l…
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Page: Seller Engagement Scripts
These are scripts for engaging with seller leads, as well as with links to drive them back to your website. Today’s online seller is far different than buyer leads, and when it comes to sellers, most …
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Page: Seller Lead Engagement Scripts
These are our seller lead engagement scripts, including the 10-day plan to maximize your initial response, and scripts to re-engage sellers and get them off the fence. These scripts are designed to he…
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