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Page: Close Up to 9X More Transactions with 3 Effective Habits (Coaching)
Added 05/02/2014 3 Habits to close more transactions - KW.pdfTo be a successful real estate agent, you have to generate new leads every month. But it’s hard to juggle every part of your business and s…
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Page: Happiest Agent on the Block - Eloise Wexler (Coaching)
Added 05/27/2014 Happiest Agent on the Block Eloise Wexler.pdfLearn how agent Eloise Wexler uses her Market Leader system to get business results and career happiness! Download this success story and …
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Page: Trulia Seller Ads for KW (Coaching)
Added 04/03/2014 TSA + ML sheet K.pdfInterested in working with more sellers? By adding Trulia Seller Ads to your lead generation efforts, you can boost the number of leads you get from consumers look…
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