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CENTURY 21 Business Builder®

Create and Manage Groups

What are Groups?

Groups are a way to organize your contacts so that you can easily identify those with similar traits or goals. For example, you may want to create a group that includes all of the first time home buyers or past clients. Then, you’ll be able to easily sort and market to specific types of contacts.

Why should I use Groups?

Using groups makes it easy for you to send targeted emails and marketing materials to your contacts. By sorting your contacts into groups, you’ll be able to prepare and send customized materials that will address the needs of a specific group. First time home buyers will be more interested in learning about what they should be looking for as they start the home buying process, whereas a group of sellers would be interested in ways to stage their home as they prepare to sell.

The best part about groups is it’s totally up to you as to how your contacts are organized. So, feel free to create group labels in a way that works best for you, whether it’s by the type of client they are (buyer, seller, investor), how soon they want to move, priority (A, B, C), or even by their social circles with you (church, book club, soccer).   

How do I create Groups?

Creating a group is very easy. To create a group, hover over the Contacts tab and select Manage Groups from the drop down menu. You will now be on the Groups home page.

Enter a group name in the Create New Groups field and click Save.

You’ll now see the group in the Group Name list.

Adding Contacts to a Group

There are several ways you can add a contact to a group.

  1. While Adding a Contact
  2. Contacts page
  3. Contact Summary page
  4. During an import

1. While Adding a Contact

When you are manually entering a Contact into your system for the first time, you have the ability to select an existing Group for the individual contact. To start, select Add a Contact from the Contacts drop-down menu.

On the Add a Contact form, scroll down to the Groups section. Here, you can make your group selections before saving the new contact.

2. Contact Page

The most popular way is to navigate to the Contacts home page by hovering over the Contact tab and selecting All Contacts from the drop down menu. Then, click the check box next to each person that you want to add to the group.

Click the Add to Groups button and mark the check box for each group you want to add all of the selected contacts to. Then, click the Add button.

You’ll see a message at the top of the page letting you know that the contacts have been successfully added to the group.

3. Contact Summary Page

You can also add a contact from their summary page. To view a contact’s summary page, first navigate to the main contact page by hovering over the Contacts tab and select All Contacts from the drop down menu.

Next, click on the name of the contact that you want to view and you will be taken to their summary page.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Click on Groups and the section will expand. You’ll be able to see what groups, if any, this contact currently belongs to.

To add the contact to a group, click Add to Groups. Mark the check box next to each group you want to add the contact to and then click Add.

You’ll see a message at the top of the page confirming the contact was added to the selected group(s).

Scroll back down to the bottom of the page to view the Groups section. You’ll see the group(s) you just added in the list.

4. During an Import

If you decide to import your contacts you will have the option, during the import process, of adding your imported contacts to a group. Applying a group label during the import process saves time by applying the same label to everyone in your import list.

 At step 2 of the import process you’ll see a drop down menu you can select, Add contacts to group. Click the drop down and select the group label you want applied. This group label will be applied to all of the contacts in your import file.

(info) Note: Only one group label can be applied during importing. You can apply additional labels after you have completed the import.

Filter Your Contacts by Group

With your contacts in groups, you’ll be able to quickly filter your database to display contacts only in particular groups. You can filter to show just one group or multiple groups.

In the Contact Search section of the Contacts (Contacts tab / All Contacts) home page, click More Search Options.

Select the Groups drop down to see a list of all of your groups. To filter your contact list to show only contacts in a particular group, or groups, mark the check box next to each group name and then click Search.

Your contact list will now show only those contacts in the selected group(s).

Remove Contacts from a Group

There are two ways to remove contacts from a group, via the main Contact page or from the contact summary page.

1. Contact Page

Removing contacts from a group is the same as adding contacts to a group. Start by filtering your contact database to show the contacts in a specific group.

Then, mark the check box next to each contact that you want to remove from the group. Click the Remove from Groups button and select the check box for the group you are removing the contacts from. Then, click Remove.

2. Contact Summary Page

From a contact’s summary page, scroll down and expand the Groups section. If you are removing the contact from a single group, click the delete icon   in the Actions column.

If you are removing the contact from multiple groups, click the Remove from Groups button; mark the check box(es) for the group(s) you are removing the contact from; and click Remove.

Deleting a Group

If you decide that you no longer need a particular group label you can delete it from your system. Navigate to the Manage Groups home page (Contacts tab / Manage Groups).

Locate the group you want to delete and then click the delete icon to remove the group from the list.

If you still have contacts assigned to the group, you will get a warning and the option to assign those contacts to another group. After making your changes, click Save.

(info) Reminder: Deleting a group will not delete the contacts associated with that group.

If you choose to delete a group that has no contacts assigned to it, you will see this message at the top of the Manage Groups page, confirming the group has been removed.

Helpful Tips:

  • Contacts can belong to more than one group at a time
  • Deleting a group does not  delete any contacts associated with that group

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