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CENTURY 21 Business Builder

Add a Contact

You can manually add contacts to your CENTURY 21 Business Builder® system to help you better track and communicate with them. Adding all of your contacts in one system helps you keep better track of your entire database and makes it easy to market to them. To add a new contact, start by hovering over the Contacts tab and select Add a Contact from the drop down menu

The minimal amount of required information to add a contact is:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address OR Complete Physical Address OR Phone number

The Add a Contact page has five sections:

  1. Primary Details
  3. Address
  4. Secondary Details
  5. Groups

Primary Details

The Primary Details section is where you’ll enter basic information about your contact, such as their name, phone number, or email address.

The Status menu allows you to quickly and easily identify those contacts that need your attention and are most likely to become clients. When manually adding a contact, the most likely status types to use are:

  • New: This status is only for leads that you haven't followed up with yet. Contact's with this status are displayed on your Dashboard.
  • Warm: Helps you identify leads you’ve already talked to and started to work with.
  • Hot: Use this status for leads that are ready to buy or sell now.
  • Sold: Use this status for past clients.

The Timeframe menu lets you indicate the approximately timeframe your contact is looking to buy or sell a home.

The Type menu is where you’ll indicate what type of contact they are, such as a buyer, seller, or renter. The Subtype field, to the right of the menu, is a free-form field. What this means is you can develop your own subtypes, to help further define what type of contact this is.

If you enter your contact’s birthday or purchase anniversary date, then you’ll receive a reminder 7 days before that date. That gives you a chance to send your contact a postcard or greeting card, celebrating the day with them.


Enter any initial comments or notes about this contact here. These will be saved in their contact record for future reference. The contact will not see anything you write here.


When first entering a contact, we’d recommend entering their primary mailing address in the address section. After you’ve saved the contact, you’ll be able to update the contact page with additional addresses. Fill in all the relevant fields. By selecting the box next to Mailing Address, you are designating this address as the one you will use to send marketing materials to this contact.

The required fields for print marketing are:

  • Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Country

The "Address Title" is used to help you differentiate this address from the other addresses you enter for this contact (e.g. Work, Home, 2nd home, etc).

Next, select the property details you know about this property using the drop-down arrows. Select from Property Type, Square Feet, Beds, and Baths.

Secondary Details

Secondary Details is where you can enter the name of a spouse, child, or alternate contact.


If the contact you are entering belongs in any of your existing Groups, you can select the group you would like to add the contact to here. Just put a check mark in the boxes next to the Group(s) you want the contact to appear in.

When you have finished adding your contact, you can click the Save button, found both at the top and bottom of the Add a Contact page.