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Blogging is a conversation between you and your followers (friends, family, clients, prospects, community, business owners, residents or anyone interested in your area). With that in mind, remember to write your blog like a conversation. The most successful blogs are informal and friendly.

The goal of any blog is to capture your audience’s ATTENTION, build their INTEREST in your topics and writing, and create a DESIRE to return to the blog and stay connected to you, your writing and your website.


Write in your natural speaking style:

This is a conversation between friends. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never met them before. Being authentic to the way you speak builds trust and is a prime reason why 80% of US online consumers trust blog information. Your conviction for the content that you are writing paired with your supporting facts persuades people.

Use ‘you’ and ‘I’ in your writing:

This shows that you understand your reader, what’s important to them and makes them feel more engaged and further improves the feeling of trust and friendship.

Use short stories to get your point across and make things interesting:

Stories make things fun and engaging. It pulls a level of humanity into your writing that helps people care about you and your writing.

Have a reason for your post and stick to it:

If you don’t know where you are going, the point of your post… you will never know when you get there and neither will your audience. This is not the place to rant about something unless you have a clear action you are wanting to elicit or have supporting facts you want to share that support your opinion.

Be concise by choosing the right words:

You want to constantly ask yourself if you can say it in fewer but more vivid words. Find the words that evoke an emotion and propel your eye further into the post. Your posts are not required to be a certain length so don’t ‘s t r e t c h’ it out.

Use contractions, use sentence fragments, short words, and SOME slang (not lots):

This type of writing feels more human and less digital. Be HUMAN. Friend.

Incorporate some motivational and persuasive writing into your content, even if it means you need to do a little learning:

Understanding your reader’s motivations for following your blog allows you to make the most of the new trust that you are developing with your readers. Understanding them allows you to be even more influential in their support of you and your business.

Be believable and build clout:

A blog is a social venue, so part of your goal is to build your social reach with your blog. Taking the content that you are creating and sharing it across the social networks that you are incorporating in your business establishes your credibility as people share, like, and up vote your post.



  • Clichés are cliché, so avoid them. They don’t mean as much to your readers as you would like.
  • Use! Exclamation! Points! Sparingly! They quickly lose their meaning when they are overused so save them for when you truly have an emotional response like surprise or anger.
  • Formal writing isn’t very friendly, be friendly. This will encourage readers to feel like you are talking directly to them.
  • Jargon sucks to try and figure out…so don’t use it. It will break the flow of your post and you will lose the interest and engagement you worked so hard to build.
  • Sticking to a specific aspect of your business will start to feel stale to your readers as you lose interest in it. Instead, allow your blog to grow with you as your interests grow and develop, it will make for a well-rounded blog.



You don’t need to have a schedule for blogging. In the beginning you won’t have a lot of people following you, and that is the best time to have low readership. It will give you a chance to get into a grove. Eventually you will find the right cadence for your posting and in the meantime celebrate your victories.

  • Your first post
  • Your first response
  • 5 posts in a month
  • 10 posts in a month
  • Your first share
  • Your first lead from your blog

Congratulations, you are going to be GREAT!