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Added 05/28/2014

AJ's Quality Questions to Ask Your LeadsDownload Free Trulia Tools to Convert More Clients
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Special guest A.J. Ackerman is a Trulia success who has transformed his small income into six figures! He'll share strategies to increase your Trulia ranking and turn consumers into clients.

How to rank high on Trulia - Class Notes

Trulia ranks agents according to what’s important to buyers and sellers

  • Profile: What’s your expertise?
  • Recommendations: What do others say about you?
  • Activity: How many listings have you sold?

How many listings do you have now?

  • Q&A: How well do you answer questions?
  • Local expert: How informed you are on local properties?

To increase your rank, be active on Trulia

  • 30 minutes per day
  • Do at least three activities per day

Complete your profile

  • 100% complete profile will give you 20% more views

Make yourself attractive to buyers and sellers

  • It’s like online dating
    • Help people understand who you are
    • Make it appealing so people want to meet you
    • What do you do that consumers can relate to?

Make yourself easily found

  • Include your experience and skills
  • Make yourself easily found
    • Use keywords buyers/sellers look for

Post your recommendations on Trulia

  • You will get 2.5X more leads than agents who don’t have recommendations
  • Request recommendations from your friends, family, past clients and past colleagues

How to build recommendations

  • Provide outstanding service
  • Stay in touch with your past clients
  • Practice a script
    • Are you happy with the service and working with me?
    • Could you do me a favor? Could you write a recommendation for me?

Post your active and sold listings

  • This will increase your ranking significantly as well

Answer buyer and seller questions

  • Answer as many as you can
  • Research the questions
  • Post your answer
    • Answer the question!
    • Be real
    • Focus on quality information


  • Post information helpful to your audience
  • Build your reputation as a local expert
  • Pick topics helpful to buyers and sellers in your area

First time home buyers

  • Suggestions for first time home buyers
  • How to choose a local realtor
  • First step to buying a home
  • Looking for a home
  • Pricing
  • Mortgages
  • How much home can you afford?


  • Homes in a certain area
  • Steps to purchasing investment properties
  • Short sale vs foreclosures
  • New construction vs. old homes
  • Buying with cash vs. financing

People moving to the area

  • Local resources for buyers moving to the area
  • Local reputable companies
  • Qualified licensed, insured service professionals

New sellers: The big picture

  • Steps to sell your house quickly
  • Best ways to sell a home
  • What are the real estate agent's duties?
  • How do I choose the right real estate agent?
  • What to expect during the listing appointment
  • What to expect after your home is shown

Sellers: Explaining the process

  • Terms of your listing agreement
  • Setting the right price
  • Marketing of the home
  • Staging your home to sell
  • Showing the home
  • Negotiating the sale & different offers
  • Preparing for a home inspection & appraisal
  • Preparing for closing

Local topics

  • Chinese drywall
  • Water assessments
  • Flood hazard disclosure and map
  • Oil spill

Community events

  • Charity events
  • Holiday events
  • Carnivals
  • Art shows
  • Movies
  • Taste of events
  • Events special to your area

Do your research

  • Use community sites in your area to gather information
  • City website
  • Parks and recreation
  • Events calendar

Link back to your Market Leader website from your blog and your Q&A

To take advantage of your Market Leader lead capture functionality and to provide value to your leads, direct leads to these pages:

  • Listing search results
  • Community served pages
  • Sell tab
  • Market Insider
  • Custom tab
  • Featured listings
  • Featured partners

Comment on other agent’s blog posts

  • The quality of the service you provide buyers and sellers on Trulia and proactively building relationships with other agents will lead to referrals in the future.

Leverage Trulia Pro

  • Be featured as the agent to contact on your listings
  • Receive leads from more areas

Local Ads

  • Reach local buyers and sellers
  • Receive quality leads
  • Build your brand online

Seller Ads

  • Reach local sellers
  • Win listings
  • Build your brand

Respond to leads on Trulia

“All leads are good leads. It’s what you do with them that matters.”

  • Respond within 5 minutes
  • Download the Trulia agent app
  • Lead didn’t respond? Try again.
  • Put them on a campaign

Be helpful on the phone

  • Answer their questions
  • Ask if they’re working with an agent
  • Put the lead on listing alerts
  • Give them your contact information

 Put your leads into your Market Leader system

  • Set up Trulia so your leads go directly into your Market Leader system
  • Manually add the leads who contact you directly

Tips to succeed on Trulia

  • Commit to consistency
  • Provide outstanding customer service – online and in person
  • Be positive
  • Focus on one tool at a time