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You have the ability to adjust the number of properties your website visitors can view before they are required to register or login. It's important to note, changing this value only applies to non-paid leads. In other words, if you purchase leads from Market Leader, any changes to this value will NOT apply to those leads.

To customize your website visitor registration settings, select Website from the Profile Admin Drop-down Menu.

Next, click on Options under the Listing Search section.

At the bottom of this page, you can adjust the number of property views your website visitors can view before being required to register or sign-in. There are three setting options to choose from:


(Recommended setting) Optimized for maximum lead generation. Visitors are asked to sign in before they view a 2nd property.


For agents that already have a large database. Visitors are asked to sign in before they view a 5th property.

OtherAdvanced Setting. Customize how many properties visitors can view before being asked to register or sign-in.

 We recommend keeping the setting at Active. Based on our user testing, requiring visitors to register after viewing the first property will yield the highest number of leads.

Simply check the box to select your setting. (If you choose Other, you'll then have to select your desired number of properties).

When updating these settings, remember that until a user registers or logs in, limited website data is collected—leaving you with fewer insights into visitor behavior.

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