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Recently Active Contacts

Active contacts are engaged contacts - whether it's a new lead or a returning contact - and being able to see what recently active contacts are looking at allows you to follow-up quickly with relevant content. Here you'll learn how you can find recently active contacts in your system, as well as tips and scripts for a stellar follow up.

Website Activity Alert

You can receive text and email alerts when a contact is active on your website. These alerts include links that will log you into your system, so you can respond quickly, no matter where you are.
Learn how to activate these alerts

Follow Up Tips & Scripts

When a contact is active on your website, you have an opportunity to engage with just the right content, depending on what they're looking at. Here are some tips and scripts for a contact's website behavior.

New Buyer Lead - Option #1

New Buyer Lead - Option #2

New Seller Lead - Option #1

New Seller Lead - Option #2

(info) For HouseValues.com leads, be sure to send their welcome email after sending your follow up email.

Viewed Listings

A contact’s viewing behavior can tell you a lot about them, including their timeline and what they may be looking for. Check to see what properties they viewed, and try to identify trends or patterns in their viewing history.

(lightbulb) Action: Send relevant listings, and setup a weekly or twice a week listing alert so they can automatically receive similar properties. If they already have an alert, let them know how to save searches on your website.

Favorited a Listing

When a contact saves or favorites a listing, it’s a good indicator of their timeline. If they favorite multiple listings, try and identify patterns among them. Saving a listing is a great opportunity to engage with highly relevant content.

(lightbulb) Action: Provide details they can’t find online. For example, drive by the listing and take a few photos with your phone, or contact the listing agent to get more “off the record” details of the home.

Price Range Changed

A price change can indicate a pre-approval, so check to see if the price went up or down. Or, if the price range becomes more specific, it may mean they’re getting closer to taking the next step.

(lightbulb) Action: Send relevant listings in the new price range, and include information on the home buying process. If they have a listing alert, be sure to update it!

Search Area Changed

A drastic area change could indicate a life event (e.g. new job, child on the way, etc.), but a minor area change means they are getting further along their timeline, or they got pre-approved and switched to an area more appropriate for their price point.

 (lightbulb) Action: Send relevant listings in the new area, and include information about the community or neighborhoods in the area. If they have a listing alert, be sure to update it!

Requested a CMA

Requesting a CMA often indicates a seller who is considering listing their home. It can also mean a buyer that likes a home and wanted to see how much the home would cost in today’s market. Either way, make no assumptions and provide the information they requested.

(lightbulb) Action: Research the property and provide a CMA with an estimated value of the property, with comparable listings. Don’t forget to follow-up with them after to see what they thought of your estimated value.


When a contact unsubscribes from listing alerts or marketing emails, it could mean the content wasn’t relevant to them, or it was too frequent. Don’t take it personal, instead look at it as an opportunity to reach out.

(lightbulb) Action: You can still send them an email, so reach out and ask them why they unsubscribed, and offer to make adjustments. You might be surprised how often contacts will respond!

Sort by Last Activity

To sort by last activity, select Contact Last Activity. If needed, you can use the arrows to reverse the order of your sorted list.

Search by Recent Activity

To search for recently active contacts, select Recently Active under My Searches. Here you will see contacts that have been active in the last 7 days, as well as contacts that you have engaged with in the last 7 days.

(lightbulb) You can also click View All Recently Active from your main dashboard too!

To filter contacts by the type of activity, click the Filters button. Here, under the Dates section, you can select the specific type of activity:

  • Last Contact (): When you last reached out and noted the record
  • Contact Last Active (): When the contact last engaged with you or your website

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